• Ethical Production

    Every single garment has been carefully hand-sewn in our trusted, female led manufacture here in Bali.

    Our manufacture of choice ensures ethical condition for their workers, so when purchasing our products, you are directly supporting balinese workers and their families

  • Slow Fashion

    Our designs have been intentionally created to be timeless in style, offer effortless wearability in the tropics just as much as in the city. We aim to provide highest quality possible to ensure longevity of each garment.

    We order only small batches to ensure we are not overproducing.

  • High Quality and Timeless Design

    We use only high quality and mostly natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk and some silk-poly and rayon blends.

    We aim to design pieces that enrich your wardrobe for a long time, far from short lived trends.